A trip back

Taking a little break from the recent wedding photos and thought I might post, in some case re-post a few photos from my travels.  Each of these pictures are from countries that would be along the spectrum of ‘developing’.  These are some of my favourite places to visit and as I prepare for my next trip in September to Sri Lanka I thought a trip back would be nice.

One thing these countries have in abundance, and I hope don’t loose over time, is a combination of natural beauty with a traditional way of living.

This photo was taken in Ubud in Bali.  The simplicity of tendering to the rice fields but within that simplicity lies a complexity and deep understanding of the farming process to produce crops.


These second series of photos are all from East Timor.  This photo contrast with the top one as the shots were taken about a week apart but the scene is quite different.  It is a lot dryer bit harsher and yet you can see some of the shared practices.  The presence of a single soul working the filed is a defining farming moment no matter where you travel.

East Timor

From the fields to the ocean here we are at the eastern edge of Timor where the locals fish the bluest and clearest oceans.  The travel out in little more than canoes with a motor each with a mandatory bucket for bailing water.  Each trip they bring back some of the freshest catches I have had the pleasure of eating.  And with no refrigeration you catch only what you can eat.

East Timor

This last shot of East Timor sees us a few miles inland in Baucau.  This place has an abundance of fresh water springs that flows through the city like a waterfall.  People swim, clean and drink from it and as it is always flowing it is always clean and fresh.

East Timor

Next we travel to South America first stop is a place where time seems to have found a nice moment and life just holds there.  Isla De Sol or Island of the Sun.  This Island is smack in the middle of the largest fresh water lake at altitude in the world, Lake Titicaca.  As you travel out by boat to forget that this water is fresh and your not on the ocean is a simple mistake.

Isla Del Sol

Isla De SolOn the other side of Lake Titicaca closer to shore you have the Floating Islands.

Floating Islands

From mainland Bolivia is the town on the edge of Lake Titicaca Copacabana.  Its a “beach” town with a difference and that difference is what makes it amazing.

Copacabana Boliva

La Paz Bolivia a capital in the mountains.  It is an interesting city to be so high and to see a city grow on this mountain.  It is dry, it is cold, it is unique and it is a city that you can’t find on any coastline.

La Paz

Cities and towns in Bolivia are harsh.  They are sculpt from the rock that surrounds them.  It is a harsh environment and this has devoured whole towns as they are abandoned.  People in Bolivia will always need to compete with their environment and while they wont necessary win they seem to have found a way to adapt and coexist.  But always like a small army outnumber and surrounded you feel that the environment allows Bolivia to coexist, just not easily.

San Pedro De Atacama

What can’t be beaten in South America was the natural beauty among some of the harsh sands of the San Pedro De Atacama Desert.

San Pedro De Atacama

San Pedro  De Atacama

From the harsh sands of the desert to the last two shots.  One of the magnificent Iguazu Falls to the birth place of Darwin theories the Galapagos and finally the might of Salcantay Mountain.

Iguazu Falls

Booby Galapagos


Thanks for the trip back down memory lane and next Sri Lanka!

Cheers Faces


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