The Grooms Man

In most weddings all eyes are on the bride.  Which is true as it is often described as the brides big day.  That is not to say that there are not many other stories layered within a wedding and if you take your eyes of the bride, for a bit, you will see many a story of great emotion.

The Grooms Man it all about the Groom.  Some say he plays a lesser role but without his support the show would not go on.  These photos are from three weddings of friends I was at.  I was capturing that time before the bride makes her appearance.  In that time where she traditionally turns up late and keeps the groom guessing till the very last second is such strong theater.  The groom is there in front of all, surrounded as he waits.  You can see the butterflies in their stomachs swarming into a frenzy as the moment arrives.  Here are a few photos of those moments before the bride arrives.

 portrait wedding groomportrait wedding groom  portrait wedding groom portrait wedding groomportrait wedding groom portrait wedding groom


2 thoughts on “The Grooms Man

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