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This second Balmoral post is a little unusual for Faces.  Normally I walk around find a stranger that takes my eye for some reason or another and ask them for a photo (after much procrastination trying to get over my fear of appearing weird and rejection).  Talia is someone who went to my school, I say my because I was there first!  Like many people after school people go there own separate ways.  I didn’t know Talia that well, different circles that on occasion crossed over via mutual and shared friends.  What I remember of Talia is fun, bubbly, outgoing, popular, smart, wild hair.  Fast forward 20yrs and a school reunion and the biggest connector of all….Facebook and I reached out with that brave friend request and bang mixing with a school crew via the social world.

What makes this world so big and small at the same time is that I found out that Talia worked about 2km from where I worked here in Sydney (both went to school in Adelaide).  Odds of that, 20yrs of diverging histories to be within 2km.

Through the wonder of Facebook Talia put up a photo, nice one, got lots of comments and I offered if she ever wanted a photo done I would be happy to take one for her.  Felt as weird to me as going up to a stranger and asking them for a photo but hey nothing ventured nothing gained.

Talia replied and said she wold like some photos for her business Heart Centered Healing.  So I asked where she would like her photo, Balmoral Beach.  Again what are the odds, because this was on my list for Faces project.

It never ceases to amaze me how much you can learn about yourself through people you meet.  The photo is one part of the story, the conversation is where gold is.  Chatting with Talia as I was shooting, sharing a bit of my story hearing more of hers over the last 20yrs and what I began to realise is that while histories diverged in 1991, stories had similar themes.  We both experienced set backs, difficult times, grief and loss, adventures, happiness, fun, travel and in part our own spiritual journey of discovery.  We took away lessons, gained some knowledge and wisdom and made our scars part of who we are and these in turn guide our decision today and into the future.  For me people don’t always need to connect through sharing historical moments together, you can connect with anyone through the experience of life and learning.  You don’t have had to travel the same countries as someone to understand the challenge and excitement of travel.  That’s enough about me….!

Talia’s Balmoral is a special place to her.  It is a place where she goes to find a peace.  It is a place where she would sit out on the little Island and just relax into a meditative space.  Balmoral is funny like that because it can be very, very busy and yet you can find a space and tranquility.  I think it has a lot of where you direct your focus.  Look backwards at the crowed beach and you can feel crowded in.  But stand on the edge of the beach, sit on the edge of the island or climb down onto the rocks and look out to the ocean and you find a whole world of space and in that space you find tranquility.  You don’t need to be isolated and alone to find peace, you just need to be looking in the right direction.  From my time with Talia she appears to me to have found her right direction.  A deeply spiritual and soulful person.  The peace and tranquility that she found within that space of Balmoral in my mind is more a reflection of what she projects out.  I would suggest that is what has lead Talia to her place of work, or maybe calling would be a better word.  She has made helping people find peace and healing the foundation of her work and business and in that place she helps people find their own little piece of Balmoral inside of them.

Thanks Talia



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