Art and Sea

Balmoral Beach Sydney

Its been a while since Faces People Live In got back to its roots.  Places through faces.  But I don’t apologise, photography will take me where my interest lies and then back to the beginning of this project.

So for the next few weeks I will bring you Balmoral.  A inner Sydney beach.  Balmoral is a beautify beach within the harbor, terrible for surfers great for families, paddlers and people wanting to grab a coffee and a swim.

So let me introduce you to Sandra, 20yrs in Balmoral which almost makes her local.

What I didn’t know is that Balmoral has a vibrant art flea market.  Residents and those from other suburbs come down to paint, draw and sell their art works.

What Sandra loves about Balmoral is its people.  There are always lots of people to talk to, children playing and new people to meet.

Balmoral is a place of beauty and its a treasure that lives within a city.  A place that you can walk out onto one of Sydney’s most beautiful beaches and swim everyday.

Sandra as an artist spends her days doing amazing water colors capturing Balmoral and what she sees, what you can see within her art is that Balmoral is a piece of paradise there for everybody to share.  It is a place where you can go and be surrounded by people but also find a place of peace and solitude.

People do complain about Balmoral, too busy, parking cost too much and it’s lost to locals, but not in Sandra’s eyes. She is inspired by Renoir who lived through war but was defiant in that he sought out and saw and painted beauty.

Thanks Sandra for showing the beauty of Balmoral

Cheers Faces



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