Beauty kept in a bubble

These a few shots from my last post yellow and it got me thinking about beauty and how we treat things that are beautiful.  So often there seems to be a barrier between what is classed as beautiful and what is not.  From objects of desire, to being a kid and told ‘do not touch’, to works of art behind glass and people who are ‘out of your league’.  There is this ‘bubble’ wrapped around what is beautiful as if it needs to be protected from everything else around it.

yellow beauty yellow beauty


2 thoughts on “Beauty kept in a bubble

  1. This story was my great help to my homework for English course.I had had a task to write a short story with a topic strange house and some children in. I had changed only some characteristics of main character and
    I was ready. Thank you for yoou lesson how to write storytelling.
    This was my first successful work with which i won my teacher’s attention.

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