In memory of Steve

I have been humbled over the last few days.  It started a few days ago when I notice a ‘pending’ comment was waiting to be approved and I realised that one man, Steve from Newcastle a surfing legend had died and this comment was in his memory and honor.

At the time of writing that original post I new that I was taking a photo of more than just a surfing legend but an man whom lived an amazing life.

Steve had cancer and said to me that day “mate I should be dead, I just keep making doctors wrong”.  People live and still loose their battle with cancer and some people die but win their battle with cancer.  I say from the briefest time I spent with Steve, maybe 30min or so, I can honestly say he won his battle with cancer.  Wining or loosing isn’t based on living or dying, but on what you do with the time and he clearly lived.

I have been humbled because I was lucky enough to have taken a few photos of a man and captured a few words of his life.  I was the luckier person because in those 30min of chatting with Steve I was made a better man.

To his friends and his family, of which I am sure many of you are both.  My sympathy with you.  And to Steve where every you are now I am sure their is a wave.

Here are the sum of all the photos I got that day.

surfing legend


20120331-IMG_0759 20120331-IMG_0760 20120331-IMG_0761 20120331-IMG_0762 20120331-IMG_0763 20120331-IMG_0764 20120331-IMG_0766 20120331-IMG_0769


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