From certian angles the world looks small

What I love about photography is that there are so many metaphors for life.  Don’t like what you see, refocus.  Need more direction, focus.  Something not quite working for you, change the angle.  Not happy with how things are going, change your prospective.  There are so many parallels you could fill an Anthony Robbins book.  For the most part these are also very true, if you believe it.

As I was sorting through my photos from South America a few photos reminded me of just how small this planet really is.  Of course when you moving around traveling from city to city, country to country among millions and millions of people things can appear pretty big and you can feel pretty small.  These pictures I took were from angles that for me redefined size and helped me see that from certain points the place and space we live in is not so big.

So what is my life lesson, my take away from this experience.  I have a few.

1/Its smaller than you think so you have to travel a lot to get out of your comfort zones and really experience what is special.

2/Don’t be afraid, you will find your way home.

3/When things get on top of you, when the problems create confusion, step outside, go to higher ground and look at the big picture and see how things work

4/Small spaces, crowded places, it is easy to make a big mess, take care of our small planet its the only one we have.

La Paz; Bolivia

Lake Titicaca



3 thoughts on “From certian angles the world looks small

  1. Those are stunning shots! I love the first one especially: the clean line of skyscrapers juxtaposed against the hills thus make for a very interesting composition. Kudos!

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