Foal Design Hat’s


This is Rose and she is the last of the post from the Finders Keepers market, which I hope you will agree is more like a community than a place to do trade.  Rose is the owner of Foal Design, specialising in hats inspired by 50s fabric.

What I notice and felt at Rose’s stand is that there are certain things that can transport you back to special time long ago and make it feel like it just happened minutes ago.  It could be a song, a smell, a phrase or in this case the hats from Rose.  These are all made from authentic reclaimed 50s fabric.  Looking and touching these hats it reminded me of my Nana’s house, the curtains, the table cloths and of course the homemade blankets.  Rose travels a lot to find these fabrics and to turn them into her creative 50s inspired hat.

Rose has been doing this for three years and sells mostly in the summer traveling from Perth to Melbourne and Sydney for the markets and she would say that these are probably some of the best markets in Australia.

Like many others Rose likes the interaction that the markets allow her, she can interact with the community get instant feedback and incorporate this into her designs.  One such change was that some people had asked for more sun protection from the hats, so with needle and thread and a creative eye Rose took the original 50s style and made it more sun safe for today.  You would not get this from going into an Apple Store.  These markets respond to their community not because of intense pressure or community backlash but out of a desire to meet their communities needs.  This I think is what is giving rise to the power of markets, be that craft of farmers markets.  It is going back to that time where there was a real sense of community.

Thanks Rose for showing me how that something can be reborn, remade and reused.

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