Steph & Oxfam


We often hear the phrase “young people are the future of the world” to the point where it almost becomes a cliche, but I think people like Steph are not a cliche but are an example where this is so very true.  The sad thing is that it is currently the older generation that are doing their best to leave a mess behind that will need to be cleaned up by young people.  I think now more than ever young people are also not waiting to make a difference they are embracing the challenge and are doing something now.

Steph was manning the Oxfam stall at Finders Keepers Market and they were asking people what 3 things you can do to change the world.  Her three things are:

Oxfam What I like about this is that it is something that is possible and collectively can make a big difference.  These things on their own if it it was just one person doing this may not have the impact of changing the world, but if everyone had 3 simple things that they could do to change the world then big problems become smaller.

So often we are presented with world issues that make us feel powerless to act.  It is just too big for me to make an impact.  But look at Stephs 3 things and what underlines these.  Supporting fair trade, everyone benefits along the supply chain, not just big business.  By someone a train ticket.  This is a simple random act of kindness, what would that look like on a world stage.  Grow your own veggies, a first world action to help the environment.

Steph started volunteering at school with Vinnies and she soon discovered volunteering is something that provides you with as much good as you provide to the community.  She loves meeting new people, sharing her joy with others and passing on her energy and this all becomes her motivation to keep volunteering.

Steph loves the market because the people here embody her own beliefs.  The market has a recycle and reuse mentality, people are focusing on fair trade for all and sustainability, it makes a profit but it isn’t a profit at someone’s expense.

Steph also has her own crafty side, she sows, cross stitches and makes bunting and she loves seeing how peoples handy craft brings joy to others.

Thanks Steph

Cheers Faces


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