styled by age

While this photo was taken in La Paz Bolivia it is less of a story of that country and more a story for all of us. This man in the photos has been styled by age. He is not old fashioned or trying to be trendy. His clothes portray a dignified grace about him. He has taken the time to put on his suit, dust off his hat and wonder out to the markets. He rest where he can find a seat and stares off into the children playing in the Plaza in front of him. I can’t be help wonder if he remembers a time when those playing in front of him now was once him and his friends. Where a child’s energy is endless his now limited daily.

But while his energy is limited his wisdom has grown. Where his legs are weary his spirit has seen so much more. Where is eyes are failing him his life experiences fill his vision in perfect clarity. While his physical strength is weakening his soul is strong. For all that he has lost he has gained so much more.

For here is a man that has walked the earth, worked the earth and now rest upon the earth. I believe a man like this doesn’t look back with regret and a wish of youth again, but looks towards the children and weighs up the sums in his head, have I added enough to this world to make it better for them?

For here is a man who is styled by age and that style is rooted in a deep humble wisdom.

Old Man

Old Man

Old Man

old man resting

Cheers Faces


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