Fox and Beau

Welcome to the second stall holder I came across Fox and Beau designers of unique stationary, graphic design and marketing and branding all done with a unique bespoke feel and attention.  They say if stationary and design doesn’t make you happy they wont print it.

Fox and Beau

While there is only two of them I want to call them a dynamic trio such is the energy and enthusiasm that exist between them.  Being around their stall for 10 – 15min they radiate, they engage and they connect with what is going on around.  It is a business which specialises in bespoke designed stationary but one that trades in a happy fun energy, and this creates a multiplier effect where the impact is much greater than the sum of two.

Fox and Beau

Our two designers are Katie and Amy local girls who look to local suppliers to provide a local service.  Being local means something to these two and you can see that they really value ever bit of their product.

I find there is something special when you buy hand made stationary, it has a feel about it that goes beyond the quality of the product, it has something tangible in it that you can feel.  You can feel the hand of the person who created it, you feel their personality their quirky side or funny side.  It is quite personal.  And then you take it in your hand and add a message to it a message that is for someone specific.  You personalise it trying to capture a message for someone special.  It then passes from your hands to their hands as a gift or sentiment of how you feel towards them.  The card I find generally outlives the gift it was attached to or event the moment it was to capture.  For many it becomes a piece of treasured history that you hold onto, something to look back and remember the moment and memory of the person who gave it to you.

Looking at what they have done and at their stall it was hard to believe that their business is only 12mths old and that this was their first Finders Keepers Market.  If a child takes its first tentative steps, speaks its first words then this baby of theirs will be running and jumping and chatting underwater in no time at all, they just seemed so at ease in this space, they were working but you could see that it was pure fun, excitement and joy for them both.  What I really liked was their attitude “you just give it a go” how simple a concept and yet how rarely do we truly commit to giving it a go?

Being a first time Finders Keepers I was really interested to hear how they saw this community they were part of.  They were simply “blown away” by the experience.  The numbers of people out visiting the markets buying locally hand crafted items was warming, reassuring and inspiring.  As Katie said “when people love what you do it makes you feel valued and that you are on the right track”.  They found the interaction with other stallholders a fun part of the experience.  The support and encouragement from everyone made the space feel like a community where the ideal outcome was that everyone should be a little bit completely successful.  Katie did go on to say that about half of any profit made goes back into buying from other stallholders around you such is the standard and quality of everyone’s work.

Local business selling next to each other, helping each other out and buying from each other.  I don’t believe people here feel that they are competing with others but rather complementing each other.

Cheers Faces

p.s. thanks for the card!


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