The Professor’s Daughter

Bright colorful and bubbly that is the best way to describe Marisk and these qualities shine through her designs under her label The Professor’s DaughterProfessor's DaughterOriginally from Canberra Mariska now lives in what could easily be described as the creative capital of Australia Melbourne.  Armed with an arts background with a focus in drawing and glass blowing, but in an apartment that doesn’t allow one to pursue glass blowing safely her partner and parents bought her a sewing machine and the love affair with designing clothes began.  Her designing is her creative outlet the way she can remain in touch with artistic creative side of her personality.

Professors DaughterMariska also has a marketing experience, but what I notice is that her best marketing is herself and her lovely smile.  Like the style of her vintage clothes she has this radiating personality that lights up with her smile.  They say the best customer service is to provide a warm and friendly smile but this is more this is a smile from someone who is doing something that they love.

Professors Daughter

I was really interested in how she came about the name of her business and it came from her not being sure how people would react to her clothes and her designs, having your name on something that may not be accepted is a really tough thing to do.  So she made a compromise and in doing so she also honored her parents who both happen to be, you guessed it, Professor’s, hence the name The Professor’s Daughter was borne.  Personally I think it is a very cool name.

The Professors DaughterMariska loves the opportunity to show her works at the market because unlike the online world this is where you get to see and interact with people.  You see how they interact with the designs and the feedback is real, she can learn from what is picked and tried on and what people like and don’t like about different cuts.  Rather than tweeting you are actually meeting.  This is part of what makes Finders Keepers special, the other part is spending time with the community of other designers and stall holders.  People get to know one and another, the look out for each other and give each other feedback.  It is business but not as Westfield would do it.  It business built on support for each other where everyone can share in a level of success.

Vintage clothes

Cheers Faces


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