There are many places on earth that are truly breath taking and I have been lucky to see a few.  But I would argue there are few places on earth to rival the Galapagos Islands.  They are beyond just spectacularly beautiful they are a living, engaging science project where you get to experience it up close and personal.  You see, feel and touch evolution.  You can see how life changes and adapts to its environment.  It is a place of historic beauty.  It feels old, even though there is a lot of new life around.  It feels strong but yet you sense that this place is fragile and delicate.

When you think about climate change, saving the animals and looking after our oceans it can become a bit washed out in the day-to-day.  Living in a city you become more and more removed from the environment, until that is you get to walk, swim and live for a few days in the Galapagos.  When you are immersed, even for just a few days, in a place like this you can’t help but be overwhelmed by the need to look after our planet.

Enough said I hope these pictures do some justice to an experienced that needs to lived to be believed and truly valued.

The Babies

Mother and child

The color of the lands

Those that soar

On the ground

The lovers

The Boobies

The Landing

The Posers

The Ugly Beautiful

The Perched

The End


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