Not only what you see but who you meet along the way

You travel you explore you see and you meet people.  I think the last part can take a trip where you have seen amazing things to feeling amazing.  South America was wonderful and there were so many highlights.  Having a camera with me allowed me to capture sights that stood.  The picture servers as a reminder to that time when everyday there is something new to see.  But it is the meeting of people along the way that makes holiday magic.

I remember the nice American family we met on the bus traveling with their children.  I remember the man that owned the hostel in Rio who was so helpful.  I remember the English girl who told us about having to mime diarrhea at the chemist to get medicine for her boyfriend.  I remember the Germans whom would constantly make us laugh.  There were so many people I remember on that trip that when people ask me about my favorite part it often includes the people we were with at that time.

I want to introduce you to one such person, Clarence.  Clarence was our buddy that did the Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu with us.  He is one very laid back ubar cool American from L.A.  He is also one of the funniest and friendly people we had the pleasure to meet.  Clarence has a way about him that made you liked being around the guy.  You would say he knows how to travel.  Nothing fazes him, when things go wrong he has a personal philosophy that allows him to keep going with both eyes firmly planted on the silver lining.  I would say that this personal philosophy of his is something that he just doesn’t unpack during his holidays but its part of him and this makes his friends back home pretty lucky.

I don’t know if I will get to see Clarence again, I hope someday our paths do cross, but if not then that is ok because of the time they did it made that part of the trip pretty bloody special.


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