Hot and colorful in Cartagena

I know why ducks fly north for the winter its to reach Cartagena.  Cartagena Colombia sits beautifully on the coast and when you swim its the Caribbean your swimming in.  Cartagena is hot on so many levels and after traveling through temperatures as extreme as -20 degrees, hot is what we wanted and its what we got.

Cartagena has an old town and a new one.  The old town is where the magic is at.  It is untouched still ringed by the walls built to keep pirates out.  Inside you go back in time and you are immersed in color.  The obvious color is the architecture that surrounds you, the real color is the people in the streets.

With color comes contrast

The old town of Cartagena oozes old world charm, its not a place that time seemed to forgot more that time has respected the culture and over time it preserved what is important.

The buildings in Cartagena were like smiling friends on a day out with you, they made the day more fun and it was a little like the architecture was posing for a photo at every turn at every corner.

Scoot down a corridor night is on its way.

It is at night when things really brighten up, it is when the locals come out to play.

At the end of the night leave with a smile on the mind.


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