Paraty Party

Like there wasn’t already enough to love about Brazil you stumble into Paraty.  Paraty could have been my favorite town of the trip.  Big call when you consider we explored eight countries but a fair call I believe.  There is a kind of magic in this place that is hard to replicate.  I know I love a place when you go to other beautiful places and you find yourself using Paraty as the yard stick.  To steal a title from Dickens it is a Tale of Two Cities.

Paraty has a new town with cars, shops, supermarkets etc and then behind a street and a few buildings you walk back what seems hundreds of years to this old town where time hasn’t polluted it.

This first photo I call three of a kind.  It was one of those random moments you come across walking around with a camera in hand.  South America travels at a different pace, it isn’t slower it is a completely different road.  What I noticed was people leaning out of their windows, watching the world outside and talking to friends.

Paraty has a romance about it, it has a aged quality a place that time didn’t destroy but persevered and allowed others, locals and tourist to enjoy.  It uses what has been left behind in days gone by and keeps it alive for us all to enjoy.

How you work in Paraty’s old town reflects its age.  It is like the workings going on add to the experience of this graceful town.  People haven’t forgotten the value of older ways and like this town they keep alive the culture of this place which is persevered in its people.


Walking the cobbled streets of Paraty you couldn’t help but hum the U2 song “Where the Streets have no Name”, each road, each path was linked like a maze and you would find yourself wondering for hours, it was a place where every street seemed familiar but also very different.

Transport is simple, colorful and fun.

Paraty is a place to see and more important a place to BE.


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