Smoke and Mirrors

I was able to attend a workshop recently on studio lighting in Sydney run by SPW these are some of my favorite workshops for a number of reasons.  Firstly they are really well priced, they are just well organised and well run by exceptionally talented and passionate photographers, they talk to so you learn but not to make you feel like an idiot and finally they go to so much effort to make a shoot interesting for you.  Its not just an experience in how to set up lighting they make it a shoot, they theme it bring in stylists, hairdressers and went as far as to build a set.

The theme for this shoot was ‘Magic’ and we had two great performers for the whole day.

I think magic is a great theme and a pretty good metaphor for photography, we don’t just photograph what is there we interpret what we see in our world and capture it and hopefully in that split second with all the pixels we can muster we hope we have go something that is a little magical.

These first few shots are of the “female magician”.  I wanted to capture her strong confident and somewhat dangerous as well.

The cane and face paint reminded me of some scenes from “A Clockwork Orange”.

I want you to believe she could make you disappear, with magic or by force

The male archetype he looks at the dove a well used prop of many a magician

Our magician could make this bird disappear at any moment in anyway

Again I was inspired by “A Clockwork Orange” our magician is dangerous

These next few shots are of classical conjuring

These last few shots were inspired by two things, Pinks “Fun House” and Mr and Mrs Smith.  I wanted a sense of fun and danger

While this day’s focus was on staged photography there is always the opportunity for a few behind the scenes “street photography” too….

Cheers Faces


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