Hello from a Gringo

It’s been a while since I last blogged and that’s because I have been travelling through South America on a three month journey. Just over half way through the trip and will have plenty to share when I get back to OZ. But for now I thought I would introduce this new section of the blog, you can also see some Instagram photos on my Facebook page facespeoplelivein
This little shot is of Cusco from my hostel and its fitting that’s it the opening post as its been the destination I have been wanting to come to for about 20yrs it is of course the door way to Inca Ruins, amazing treks, it’s a city that is both old and new, local an international.
Cusco is also the Hub of the trip. The road and journey has lead to this place, like a safe haven or an oasis in the dessert. From Cusco we have ventured out to Inca and Pre Inca Ruins to surrounding towns within the Sacred Valley and to the Amazon. It is also from here we will do the Salkantay trek to Machupicchu and then onto the last month of our journey.
I hope you will tune in, in a month of so, to see more of this Gringos tour.

Cheers Faces



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