Yoga and Buddha

A friend once gave me a book of Buddhist offerings and recently a friend allowed me to take some photos of her yoga practice.  It is through the pairing of the offerings to the photos that I have a greater understanding of the questions that that they pose.  Yoga is the embodiment, the physical mediation and the Buddhist offerings are just that.  Offerings from wise source, beyond religion, deeper than philosophy, just deeply personal and individual for all.

Nothing is permanent:

The sun and the moon rise and then set,

The bright, clear day is followed by the deep, dark night.

From hour to hour, everything changes.

This tool, our body is given to us for only a short time: this life.

Letting go is a central theme in spiritual practice,

as we see the preciousness and brevity of life.

If you do not make good use of this free and precious life,

What good does it do to possess a human body?

The forces which move the cosmos are no different

from those which move the human soul.

All of the spiritual practice is a matter of relationship:

to ourselves, to other, to life’s situations

We can always begin again


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