Beauty behind the shaddows

Beauty is often judged as the sum of many parts.  We will often look at a person and sum up all their parts to determine how or if they are beautiful.  We pass judgements on parts of a persons body and this will either add or subtract from a persons beauty.  This is all done before we even know who they are

But what happens if we look individually at the parts of a person.  Can we not see the bodies individual beauty

What parts do we see everyday but fail to notice

What would it mean if we took the time to explore more than the obvious.  If we took each part as a separate picture could we not find more beauty in every person.

In not seeing all the person at once are we not guided to see the beauty in all the different parts of a person

Focusing the eye on something that isn’t the obvious allows new discoveries of what we define as beauty

By seeing the beauty of what the human body can do more beauty is revealed

By strengthening ourselves we build a solid foundation for our natural beauty to shine through

What is hidden isn’t without is own kind of beauty

We are all in a hurry to see what is beautiful without realising the beauty we can already see.

True beauty comes from within, it is a place that is internal, spiritual and soulful.

Beauty isn’t hidden we have just become lazy at seeing it for real.


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