Spiritual side of Newcastle

Libby Newcastle

This is Libby and was my last photo for Newcastle.  When I post stories I post them in the order that I take them.  I don’t know how it really happens but a lot of the time the stories just flow and build on from one and another.  What was really interesting with Newcastle stores is that the opening and closing story a bit like bookends, they just fit well and hold everything together.


Libby was working at Longbench cafe, well known for its great coffee and big breakfasts.  At first Libby didn’t think she should be the object for this post and wanted to put one of the younger “prettier” girls in front of the camera.  This project has really got me thinking about what is beauty.  Yes I have photographed some very pretty girls and handsome men, and most of these would have been a bit younger.  But as we grow older we don’t cease to be beautiful, I think personally our beauty grows.  We have wisdom and knowledge we have had experiences and travels, we have loved and lost and hopefully loved again.  All this builds our beauty.  What we “lose” in youth is what happens to everyone, what we gain is a growing beauty that only comes with time.  And I don’t care what anyone says, smiles seem forever young.


Libby has only been in Newcastle for about four months and has lived all over the shop.  Libby is a spiritual soul who travels and moves as it feels right, she follows her heart and allows change to happen organically, maybe not knowing the final design but trusting that life has the bigger picture.  Personally I really like that and wonder how often we try and create what we want to happen rather than just put ourselves out there and allow life to be created around us.  By all means interact with it, take advantage of opportunities but maybe try and control it a little less.


Libby doesn’t let life bother here, she is someone who doesn’t see the door close but another opening.  Her motto is not to resist but rather flow.  I have to wonder how much energy she must save and have available to enjoy given she doesn’t fight what is happening and burn it up on the pointless.


Libby measures things in how they feel when I asked her what she liked about Longbench her response was that it was a great place to work because of the positive energy, the people and the food.


What Libby likes about Newcastle is it is eclectic it has something for all people from all walks of life and that it is accepting of people and it isn’t about individual status or ego.  I think that is a pretty good summary of Newcastle, the people I have met are from all walks of life.  The city itself is a mix of the different the wild and it works.  You have amazing buildings from the 1800’s and then designs that look retro.  You have a busy port with huge volumes of coal moving out daily right past some of the most beautiful beaches with dozens of surfers riding a wave.  You have the beach bordered by some amazing wineries.  It is eclectic!


Another love of Newcastle for Libby is that you could be anywhere in the world and it is only minutes away.  You have the arts and music.  You have amazing beaches.  You have fine dining, great coffees, pubs and wine bars.  It has a bit of everything in the one place.


Libby also described Newcastle as a fox, wiley with a bit of  cheeky cunning and it can’t be tamed.  Drawing on her spiritual side I asked how she would describe its spirit and she said it would be the heart chakra, acceptance.


Thanks for you Newcastle Libby,


cheers Faces



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