Bubbles in Newcastle


I had walked past Brooke a number of times, she was sitting in a cafe/restaurant with a friend sharing a bottle of bubbles.  What first drew me to her was her tattoo on her back.  I didn’t approach her at first because it seemed she was deep in conversation so I just kept on walking.  A bit like Adriana I said to myself if I pass by again and she is there I will approach her.  I don’t often just go up to someone the first second I see them, sometimes I do, but mostly I like to try and observe them for a bit, see how they interact, see what I can learn about them before I approach.  In Brooke’s case it was her tattoo that drew me to her and it was what I originally asked if I could take a photo of.

Her tattoo was in memory of her grandmother.  Most peoples grandparents are extremely special to them, sometimes they become the closest person to you in your family, they have an ability to form a special bond beyond anyone else.  I didn’t need to ask Brooke about her bond with her grandmother it was posted across the middle of her back and I think it was a beautiful testament to what she meant to her.

It took a few pictures to get this one.  Brooke was extremely shy, but equally open as well.  She would smile but almost hold that smile back just a bit so as not to show her full smile.  For her it was a confidence thing, she wouldn’t fully open up, but this photo grabbed the second where she showed what her full smile may have looked liked.

I know the word “beach” has appeared on every post regarding Newcastle but the truth is that everyone talks about the beach.  Number one thing about Newcastle is the BEACH.  I was there that day and have to agree, it pretty amazing.  Brooke also likes the people, the friendly atmosphere.  She also talked about how it has a city feel but not with the city crowd it was more low key.

Newcastle in Brooke’s words has a great social scene.  Great food, great nightlife and without the attitude of some rougher places.

Newcastle is home for now but she may explore other places before too long.

I also want to mention Brooke was with her friend Krystle, who is from the area and is a Nurse.  I am amazed at how many people I have met in one day who works in nursing, it seems to reflect the caring community that Newcastle is.

This was a great Faces, I got meet Brooke and her friend.  At first I was hoping for a shot of her tattoo, in the end I got a story and a great photo of her friend too.

Thanks for sharing you Newcastle

Cheers Faces


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