Cooking with fire

Cooking with fire

I approached Raj as he was walking back from his restaurant Macho Nacho which he has set up early this year.  Raj is a chef with about 30yrs of experience and really likes cooking for people in Newcastle.  I did ask about the popularity of Mexican food and how have people in Newcastle taken to his new restaurant.  Raj said the best things about Mexican food is that it is fast, colorful, healthy, filling and not too expensive and that the people of Newcastle have really taken to it!  That sounds actually sounds like a great way to also describe Newcastle.  He also mention it goes well with Newcastle weather and surfer scene.  People love the food in the hot or cold and after a big surf it is a great mean to chow down on.

Raj likes Newcastle and again its a great place to have the work life balance.  It has the beach and leafy gardens, it has the cafe culture and wineries, there is always something happening something to go to and something to do it has the perfect pace regardless of what you like to do and how old you are.

I asked Raj what is the palate like in Newcastle and Raj said it was a developing palate, people like the basics, the foundation tastes but it is also developing a more sophisticated palate one that is more adventurous, willing to try new things and tastes, maybe even willing to spice things up a bit.  When asked to describe a dish that best describes Newcastle Raj said it was an upmarket more complex meat and three veg.  Taking what is already delicious adding some complementary flavors and turning out what would otherwise be something very basic and ordinary and making it quite extraordinary and a meal that would soon become a signature dish.

What I am learning from my Newcastle experience is that is what is happening to this place.  It is constantly evolving, changing and become more complex and sophisticated, it has something for everyone’s tastes and it is most certainly a signature dish on the NSW must visit must do and if you love the seaside life maybe must live places.

Thanks Raj for your Newcastle

Cheers Faces


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