Sleeping beauty

beatuiful future

Before I introduce you to this delightful young lady from Newcastle first a bit about the photo.  I was walking around Newcastle and I had cut through a park a good three or four times looking for the next photo and getting some lunch.  By now I had been on the move for a good three to four hours.  I noticed someone resting on a picnic table in the sun.  I didn’t want to go up to disturb them or wake them as I thought that they may have been sleeping and it didn’t feel right to just grab a quick candid street style photo, so I left it.  On the third time cutting through the park I said to myself, when I go back, if she is there and moving I am going to ask for a photo.  And well she was there and moving and I went up and asked for a photo.

The first surprise for me was how young she looked and then how odd it would be for me to ask for a photo, but after explaining the concept she was happy to participate.  To be fair I was half expecting her dad to come after me with a golf club!

I chose this photo because I love the fact that it catches her mid laugh.  Rule of thumb will tell you eyes closed in a photo isn’t good.  And there were other shots with her eyes open (you will have to visit and like the FB site to see these when I upload).  But this project isn’t about rule of thumb.  It’s about the best photo at that moment that best describes her, does her the most justice.  I think this shot captures her nicely as this sweet innocent young lady.

So let me introduce you to Adriana who was resting and relaxing in the park enjoying the sunshine.  Adriana has lived in Newcastle all her life (she is 17) and loves it.  This is the place she knows this is the place where she has all her friends.  As with many Adriana loves the beach lifestyle of Newcastle.  But she does think the town is looking a bit run down.  She would like to see it keep its unique grunge look but put something into the empty shop fronts.

Walking around Newcastle for a day what does stand out is its architecture.  It has the very old and a mass of these post modern looking buildings designed in the sixties by someone who was trying to imagine what the future will look like.  It is quite simply and amazing city, and if I do Buildings People Live In, I will return.  But like Andriana said so much of these buildings are empty, crying out for an arts, music and or small bar scene to spring up.  It like there is this empty potential waiting hungrily to be filled.

Adriana believes Newcastle is a great place to grow up, it has a free spirit about it.  It’s open and inviting and has great beaches and a music scene second to none.  Newcastle is the right size, not too small not too big.  In this situation Goldilocks found her just right.

Adriana also gave more credit to the “turtle” personality (to understand what I mean click  here to read an earlier post) where she sees herself moving away one day to explore the world and maybe live for a time overseas but can also see a time when she would return to Newcastle.

What impressed me about Adriana was her quiet stillness.  Like I said I was running around back and forth and must have passed her four times over an hour or so.  That whole time she was there just resting.  I asked her what she was doing and she said she was just relaxing waiting for her mum.  No iPhone or iPad no friends or frustrations about being bored, she was content to enjoy being outside, laying in the sun and just enjoying the moment.  I personally think there is a lot we can learn from Adriana, about slowing down.  We also can learn a lot about our assumptions of Gen Y.  Yes they are great with technology and they bounce from idea to idea but like Adriana demonstrated they can be the opposite, they can slow down, relax and appreciate a beautiful day in the sun.

Thanks for sharing you Newcastle.

Cheers Faces.


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