Assault on Barbie compound. When toys collide

At 1400 Zulu time today I ordered troops from the first plastic regiment to initiate operation Pink Offender.  We have it on good authority that Barbie, plastic enemy number one, was held up in one of her compounds, the Barbie Dream House.  Barbie is wanted for many crimes against toys.  Here crimes include:

  • The over use of the color pink
  • The unrealistic resemblance of a woman
  • The clear over use of plastic surgery to maintain shape

And worse of all, the neutering of Ken.

Unfortunately Barbie slipped through our net but we believe the actions of today has sent a crippling blow to Barbie and her accomplices the Bratz Dolls Gang.

Our men make their first incursion into the compound and take up defensive positions

Lounge room secured and clear, still no sign of Barbie.  Men show signs of PTPD (Post Traumatic Pink Disorder).  Is the color pink Barbie’s weapon of mass destruction?

Bedroom secured and defended no sign of hostiles just poor furniture choices

As the sun sets the brave guards take up their post ensuring we may all sleep soundly, knowing at any moment they again maybe called upon to defend all toys way of life.


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