Seren and the Turtle, a Newcastle Story

TurtleFirstly let me say Seren has a lovely name, this is probably one of my favorite names so far.  Seren is a mum and her little one’s name is Penny.  Now you wont see Penny’s photo here you will need to pop across and like the Facebook page as some additional photos of Seren and Penny will be uploaded shortly.  This post is all about Seren, she is the star and the centre of attention today (but she does have a very cute little one).

Seren isn’t a Newcastle local, her husband grew up here, but only moved here about 3yrs ago after living in London.  What a huge change, population of London over 7.5million Newcastle just over 288,000.  London COLD Newcastle, well lets just say the Newcastle winter could give a London Spring a run for its money.  Beaches with sand versus beaches with rocks, need I say more?

Seren was looking for that community feel, where you can get to really know your town and the people in it.  Now this wasn’t easy nor did it happen immediately.  One thing when you move to a completely new country you generally leave a lot of good and well established friends and you in effect have to start from scratch.  This can be daunting and it can also be quite lonely.  But this isn’t a challenge Seren wasn’t up to.  I must say I really loved her energy and enthusiasm and you will see these in other photos of her as she talks.  Seren attitude is that you have to put yourself out there and do the hard yards to get out and meet people.  How good is that.  Lets be honest it is both simple and hard.  Simple in that you just have to be willing to get out and introduce yourself, put yourself into situations that will get you in front of people.  Hard in that you often do this alone and Mr or Mrs Self Doubt likes to make an appearance at this times.

Something which I think helps describes the type of place Newcastle is, is that they have lots of groups for new people to join so you get meet others.  Mothers groups is one example but Newcastle does this as only Newcastle can, it is a surfing mothers group.  I don’t have kids and if I did I wouldn’t be a mother, but I would sure as hell as try and break into that type of group, be the grommet dad!  How cool is it to meet with other mums that like to surf the wonderful waves of Newcastle.  An how bloody lucky will their kids be, not to mention brilliant surfers.

Seren is also the second person I met who is in the health industry, she is a coronary care nurse at the John Hunter Hospital loves her works and has a great crew.  You have to love it when you meet people who love their job.

Seren other passion is photography (I always feel under the pump when I am taking a photo of a photographer) and as a young mum herself she likes to shoot other mums and their little ones.

Few more things about Seren’s Newcastle.  Newcastle is great for bringing up the family, it is a place where the family can stay and be together, I think that is just magic.  It provides a fantastic work life balance.  You work, head down to the beach or grab a coffee, check out a band or head off to the wine region.  It is all there for you.  People of Newcastle are very welcoming but also happy to keep it as a secret too.  I think personally the word is out.

I asked Seren if Newcastle had a personality how would she describe it?  After a minute or two she said “can I describe it as an animal?” and what she said was that Newcastle was like a turtle.  It can be hard on the outside but soft on the inside.  You just have to take the time to get to know it.  And turtles while they travel far and wide they always return home.  Seren said that was like a lot of people in Newcastle, they leave, see the world but a lot move back home.  Nice way to finish I think.

Thanks Seren for you Newcastle

Cheers Faces


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