Look past the beauty to see something beautiful

look past the beauty to see something beautiful

So here is the easy part of the post, this girl looks beautiful, model like.  Not surprising from the town that Jennifer Hawkins hails from, and there are a few more pictures similar from Newcastle to come.  But here is the hard part, which is to look past what is skin deep and see the beauty within.

You may wonder how do I choose who I ask for a photo.  There is no specific science to it but the best way I can describe it is I people watch and then eventually I begin to see more than just a face in a crowd.  I begin to see how they interact, how they walk, how they talk and how they carry themselves.  Sometimes I find I may watch a person for a while, sometimes is only seconds, but its in this time that I get a feeling and I then need to find the courage to ask for a photo and their story.  Its only after I have both do I get to see the true beauty of all people.

So let me introduce you to Elise.  Born and bread in Newcastle.  What does Elise love about Newcastle, well it would be no surprise to you that she said the beach.  Then she went on to talk about the culture of Newcastle.  She mentioned Derby Street with its eccentric mix of cafes and restaurants, it’s the street where Newcastle finds it FUNK.  And then like any good surfer she new the best place to buy a schnitzel, Delaney’s, best she has ever had (too be honest my one regret was not getting time to try a schnitzel).  Then Elise was directing me to Hunter Street Mall to her all time favorite cafe One Penny Black.  What does Elise like about this cafe, coffee of course, but more than just great coffee its the atmosphere, its the old photos of Newcastle that create a place that respects the past, indulges in the fine qualities of time gone by, perhaps even bringing them back.

Elise was also the first person I met that talked about the music scene, which Newcastle is also famous for.  It has a real alternative vibe to it, very JJJ (for those that don’t know what JJJ is, its a youth lead, new music station that celebrates being original).  Newcastle has great gigs and bands, none more famous that Silver Chair (if you haven’t heard of Silver Chair, stop living under a rock!).

Newcastle always has something happening be that a festival or a gig or a food and wine weekend.  But it does this in a relaxed atmosphere.  I think it’s hard to be board in Newcastle because you have an abundance.  You have the scene that people make with food, wine and music and then you have the scene that nature makes, beautiful beaches and great surf.

Not only is Elise borne and bread in Newcastle she is studying here too.  She currently in her second year of nursing and has done her practical placement in the John Hunter Hospital, cardio vascular ward and when finished her studies she too would like to work in the same hospital.  So now we have a girl that at first sight defiantly is pretty, but more than that and from a conversation she is engaging, insightful, happy to talk about her town to a stranger with a camera and finally she is caring and wants to care and help people as a profession.  It is this reason you need to look past a photo, look past the beauty to see what is beautiful within a person.

Thanks Elise for your Newcastle,

Cheers Faces


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