A Movement of the the Human kind



When I think of movement I immediately think of dance, running, climbing, yoga and other things we can do with our bodies.  But today’s Beautiful Movement post isn’t about that at all.  Today movement is defined by the human spirit, it is when we as people see something that is unjust and it moves a person, then another and another to collective action, and before long we have a protest, a collective voice raising up to be heard, to make what is unjust just again.

You only need to look at the Arab Spring, the protest against the recent Russian elections, Earth Hour, Kony 2012 to name but a few to know that we as people have this unique quality to create and be part of a movement.  I think when we look at what makes us different from other species, when we talk about how there is only 1% difference between man and ape, that we are really missing the point.  The real difference for me is that we can act on the behalf of the weak, less fortunate and the voiceless.  We can lend them our strength, our good fortune and our voice, not for our benefit but the benefit of others.  This is what makes us human and that is what makes us beautiful.

These photos were taken at during the Sydney Slut Walk, part of a worldwide movement because a police office in Canada spoke at a crime prevention conference and said “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”.  One man and his poor choice of words that betrayed even poor beliefs set off a worldwide movement where women and men came together to protest against that very attitude and in doing so created a movement that began to redefine the meaning of the world slut.  While maybe not making making it a word of empowerment, it most certainly isn’t a world that makes it ok to perpetrate sexual offenses.

This is a post about a very beautiful type of movement where people come together against what is unjust, unfair and wrong, and change it.

Cheers Faces


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