Ink on Skin

Sydney Festival

I love a  tattoo, I love the story that they tell and what they say about a person.  What I don’t like about a tattoo is that people try and form a stigma about them, less so now, but it’s still there.  It was like that at one stage a small segment of the community gave tattoos a pretty bad name.  But now I think as more and more people choose the express themselves with a tattoo its becoming more accepted.  What I wont say is tattoos are mainstream, that would make me sad.  I think regardless of how many people choose a tattoo they should not be considered mainstream as most people I know have a personal story about their tattoos.  Some don’t but I would say they are the few rather than the many.

I don’t presume to know what this tattoo means to this lady but it does speak to me.  Its like that saying people make their mind up about you in the first 30sec of meeting you.  While we would all love to say “we don’t judge” we do, I just hope I can at least judge fair and if I judge wrong I am big enough to admit it.

So like an early post faceless beauty for now I choose to keep the face a secret and let another part of her body tell a story.  Here is the story I have got, different to yours then please feel free to add you version.

Looking at this I see a celebration of life, right up to and beyond death.  Its like life goes on well beyond our understanding of living.  This lady lives a carnival life, maybe a bit of gypsy, she for me is a free spirit dancing with drinks in hand.

A few pieces that really stand out as really interesting for me.

The  four leaf clover.  Does she have Irish background or is she merely one lucky lady.

The B side tape.  Old school I know but dig up an old tape and then check out the B sides.  These were generally alternative, the artist pushing their style to the edge.  You would never get a single off a B side but you could get some of the best songs.  A good B side was like rediscovering the band all over again.  I remember for me back in the 80s an Australian Band Choir Boys, the album Big Bad Noise, had some of the best B sides I have ever heard (I have now just purchased it up on i tunes).  See this is what I mean, a bit of ink on a complete stranger has taken me back to 1986, to buy again one of the first albums I brought that had songs on it I wanted to play at my funeral (ok I thought I might die young).  So for me the B side on her, she is a hidden find, it will take time to discover, you need to get past all that is well know to really get to know her.

The key and key hole.  This is unusual normally we have keys an no locks to fit, but here we have both the key and the key hole.  Is this maybe a back door to ones heart.

And finally the red shoe and the whip.  Here is a lady that knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to show it.

So what do I really know about this lady, apart from my own story, not much, really.  But what I do believe is that the world is a better, more colorful, more fun place because of her and people like her.  And to be honest I want to know more people like this, they seem fun and who doesn’t want some fun.

Cheers Faces


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