Non Religious Easter Post

This is my non-religious Easter post.  One thing I know about Good Friday, personally I think every Friday is pretty good, is that meat isn’t eaten, Fish is.  Now I am not a vegetarian, but I would argue and I am pretty sure fish would agree, Fish is a meat, its just sea meat.  But next to Christmas in Australia I think this is the busiest time for fish markets as people race out to stock up on fish for Friday.

For me I am going to take a step back and look at it from a slightly different angle.  The world we live on is a pretty amazing place and as far as we can tell we are unique in the universe, or at the very least pretty bloody rare.  This photo was take in East Timor and for them fish is a stable part of their diet.  Its what they have a lot of.  Local fisherman go out in old school hand made canoes some with a little outboard on it and catch enough fish for their families and maybe a bit more to trade with at the village market.  They take what they need not just what they want.  For people in countries like East Timor they don’t have the option to be greedy and all consuming.  They don’t have that “middle class” or what could be a better term a “consuming class”.  I am not being judgmental, I consume, use my disposable income to buy more of what I want than just what I need.  I think what I am trying to say is this “what can we learn from others we would consider less fortunate than us?” For me its about being grateful for what I have, remembering that the world we live on provides us with all that we need and if we don’t practice some greater responsibility towards this world and keep taking more of what we want without thought to where it comes from and how it is made we will end up leaving the next generations with less and less of what they need.  This is the unique among humans, we are the over consumers of our own habitat.  First to suffer is the environment, the animals, then developing countries, then the poor and then eventually us and the generations beyond.  What is also unique to us is we have the capacity to solve gigantic problems.  In fact humans are driven by challenge from an early age.  As a kid you get on a swing and you want to go higher,  as young adult you get behind a car and want to go faster, as adults you see a mountain and want climb it and you dive the deepest of oceans, just to see what’s down there.  If we harness this drive and direct it to our world problems we will solve them.

So for Easter I say reflect, how much do you need and what is over abundance and who will pay the environmental bill in the years to come?

Cheers Faces


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