A look back at Crows Nest

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Firstly a big THANK YOU to all the amazing faces and stories of Crows Nest!  I work in Crows Nest and I have a better understanding of Crows Nest from these eight people than I have from twelve months of working here.

So what have I learnt?  Well Crows Nest is a community but more than that its a village.  Think about a village its often small, friendly people come together to share, they help each other out they know one and another and villages are quite often self sufficient.  I think you can safely say this about Crows Nest.  Its tucked in the broader North Sydney Council area as part of the second CBD and as you turn off one of the main roads onto Willoughby Rd you experience driving or walking into a village.  It becomes less hectic, the pace is more enjoyable, there is a village square which invites the sun and the people to come out of their buildings and enjoy this little bit of nature.  Crows Nest is a place where you just feel a little bit happier.  Its a place where you can have any number of favorite coffee shops and they will all take the time to learn your name, its a place where mums can come together with children and find company in the parenting journey over lunch, its a place where the small business will work hard to make your day happier and where volunteers and community minded people take the time to make sure Crows Nest is ok.

Crows Nest is building itself around food, coffee and fine wines but its more than that, its building itself around people, who happen to enjoy fine food, coffee and wines.  Crows Nest has a church, most old churches are build on the top of the hill and look out onto the community below.  People walk up to the church as its the place of pride and in time past power.  But what I like about Crows Nest church is how the community has build itself out and around the church.  I am not saying the Crows Nest is a churchie town, what I am saying it just doesn’t feel like its judging you, it feels like its part of the community.  I think that what Crows Nest is all about, all the parts, all the people coming together just working.

Thanks Crows Nest.

Cheers Faces



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