Dance Like No One’s Watching

First you roll, then crawl, then walk and not long after  you dance.  Every child I have ever seen dances like no one is watching them, as if they know that they are naturally good.  They dance for sheer enjoyment of it.  When we hear a beat people will often talk about it as if they feel the music inside them and that movement is the next most natural instinct that comes.  But so often we hold this back for fear of how we will look.  I don’t think anyone hates to dance, I think people don’t dance because no one likes to feel embarrassed.  It is this embarrassment that roots us to the corner to a bar avoiding the dance floor at all cost, though we can’t take our eyes off the floor and it betrays the truth that we would love to be there moving to the beat.  The human body is designed for dancing.  We have ears to pick up sounds, which stir up emotive feelings inside and this radiates out through the limbs and we move to the music.

This post celebrates movement and dance.  Hear the music, close your eyes and move.

To find out more about Beautiful Movement project click on the link.
















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