Sydney’s Diva’s

Sydney is a special place, know for it natural beauty, amazing Harbor, the Bridge and of course the Opera House.  But I think Sydney has something else that sets it apart from other States, Diva’s! I think you could almost describe Sydney actually all of NSW as the Diva of Australia. Seriously think about it we talk ourselves up at the expense of others, when someone has something better than we do, we don’t care because we didn’t want it in the first place and if we did we would have it, we dress ourselves in the finest clothes mother nature has to offer from a harbor that is the envy of the world, beaches within a few blocks of the city and a mountain range just far enough to make it feel like we have escaped the rat race (not that we would claim to have any rats). So its only fitting that we have the best divas in OZ

Lets be honest we have a love hate relationship with divas, the drama the attitude and the brutal honesty. With a diva you wont die wondering what she thought of you, your clothes, hair, the dinner you made and your friends.

Diva’s don’t care what you think of them, I mean why would they, they will happily tell you exactly what you think about them. When you have a diva in your group you know that you fear what they will do and say at your party but you love them when they are there because they become the life of the part. Guest will talk about your party for months, not because of the food or wine but because of “that person”, and they will return for that same person.

Diva’s are given a bad name and rep from a lot of us. We stand on the outside and cast our judgement, but honestly, we would all love a bit of diva in us. The confidence, shear arrogance and the ability to put the fear of god into anyone at any moment. We vilify a diva but how bland would life be without them. Think of your most favorite shows, sports people, friends etc and then ask yourself if there were no diva’s would it be fun. I don’t think it would be as much.

Sydney is famous for the Opera House, Harbor Bridge and the Harbor.  You might say we have the diva Bridge over the diva Harbor looking onto the Diva House. Sydney loves a diva and loves being Australia’s diva. So here are few photos of Sydney’s divas, Viva Las Divas

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