Life always follows Death

These series of photos are about life and death.  Note the title of this post Life always follows Death, not life after death.  There is a reason why I choose that subtle difference.  Life after death is the complete unknown.  Religion and science haven’t answer that question, and for all I know most likely wont.  You see any position you personally have about life after death is both correct and incorrect by the complete absent of proof.  Religion will say one thing and an atheist will say another, both are completely right and wrong at the same time.  I can not prove to you the existence of a god anymore than you can prove to me that god doesn’t exist.

But what I can say with certainty is that life will always follow death.  Think about it, after a bush fire and the first rains that hit the black charred soil, you will start to see the green push through the black and reclaim the soil often with greater abundance than before.  A flood that creates giant inland sea brings with it birds and nutrient rich soils that once the waters recede provide food for survival.  The birth rate is just over double of the worlds death rate.  You see while no one can say what happens after death to the individual, I can say that life will follow.

The below photos are of a Cementry.  But what I want you to notice is the contrast between the visuals that represent death versus those that represent life.  Where death is decaying, life lives!  I like that, I like the knowledge that life will follow death and for me that is in a sense “life after death”, its just not mine.  And for me that takes it away from being a selfish view “what happens to me after I die” towards a more external positive and almost calming view, “I have no idea what I become after death, but I am sure that life will follow in my footsteps”.

I hope you enjoy and as always check out Human Architecture home page for a more detailed understanding of this part of the Faces Project.


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