Forged by hand

These photos are only possible because of people.  The old saying “man made” is by definition what is made by humans as compared to what is created by nature.  Man could never make a tree equally nature couldn’t make a steel pipe.  The difference is that everything man made is made from sources of nature.  Natures gifts, of as many people would like to say “our naturally occurring resources” are dug up or harvested and then we as humans put it through multiple processes.  We add chemicals, we heat up, melt, crush and put under intense pressures to create what it is we want.  We take what nature has provided and change to suit our needs.  This post isn’t and environmental judgement or statement supporting one side of the argument.  Humans are part of nature and nature consumes nature on all levels, we are just very efficient.

I don’t think we always notice that beauty exists in many of these man made elements.  We may notice a building or a bridge and as a complete picture it could be described as a beautiful piece of architecture, but what about the individual elements that go into making it?  What about the cement, the pipes and bolts for example, on their own are they beautiful or is it only in the sum of their parts we notice its true beauty?

Below are some photos I took on a course with SPW which had us looking things that were forged by hand and could we find beauty?  I think I have, well I personally like them and see the beauty in what is man made.  It also gives me more respect for what was required from nature to make these.

Forged by hand is Nature consuming Nature hope you enjoy

Please take a quick look at the Human Architecture page to get more understand of what this part of the Faces Project is all about.  Its all connected.



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