These heros stand on boiling sand and walk on water


There are two kind of hero’s in my book.  There are the ones that go out looking to be a hero, more often than not they fall well short of what society likes to consider a hero and then there are the ones that earn the label hero but it never sits comfortably with them.  These are the people that do something extraordinary and then say “it was nothing really”, “just doing my job” or “anyone in my position would have done the same”.  The truth is its normally incredible, it often falls way outside everyone’s average job and most often than not there are people standing around wishing they could have had the courage to do what you do.

I was doing a photography course with Sydney Photographic Work Shops or SPW for short.  Great courses, lot of fun and learn a lot, highly recommended!  So it was our travel and documentary course and we go to go down to a fine Sydney beach and bloody hell it was actually a warm day (for those that don’t know 2011/12 summer sucks).  Part of the day we got to photograph the Surf Life Savers on the beach.

So a little background firstly.  SLSC have been around since the 1870s, 270 clubs  and more than 140,000 members in Australia.  They are the biggest voluntary organisation we have.  Their motto is “Vigilance & Service”.

The men and women of SLSC watch over us at the beach in their distinctive red and yellow uniform.  They are a feature of Australian beaches as much as sand and water is, they are as common as a sun burnt Brit on a backpacking holiday. While we splash about having fun in the sun they are watching, watching for that moment when someone just starts to get into trouble and the moment that happens they are running down the beach and diving into the water.  Their aim is to get to you before the ocean gets you.  And when they do you will hear people will say, “there goes a hero” and if you listen enough you will hear them say “just doing my job”.

Thanks guys for ALL that you do

Cheers Faces.



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