Coffee by Barbie

I would like to introduce you to Barbie she and her husband own Fabrik Express, an amazing hole in the wall cafe in Crows Nest.  I must confess I have a few favorite places in Crows Nest where I get my coffee, I am not loyal to one but loyal to many, it is simply because there is so much good coffee in Crows Nest.  But there are few places where you get coffee with this beautiful smile.

Barbie was really shy when I asked her for her photo, she was wanting her staff member to go forward, she didn’t understand why I wanted her picture.  Well its because of the lovely smile that I wanted her photo and behind that smile I also knew I would get a great story.

Barbie has only had Frabrik for about a year now and before that she was working for ten years in Chatwood with another coffee shop.  All this time she has been a Barista so when Barbie makes you a coffee you know it comes with much experience.  I think sometimes we don’t quite understand or appreciate the effort that goes into a really good coffee.  When we get a bad cup we know, we complain and rarely do we give second chances.  When we get that golden cup, when we take that first sip and the cares of the world melt away we wonder off into our own little cafe late land.  We are grateful and we come back but I don’t think we normally give much credit to the time that has gone into making your perfect cup.  By that I don’t mean the time between your order and your first sip but rather how many cups have been made to come up with your perfect cup.  When you think about it in my cup from Barbie there is ten years of practice to perfection.

Barbie’s signature coffee is a flat white.  And here is her secret.  Good shot of espresso, cream milk with just a bit of cream on top.  Her bean of choice is Guji from Utopia.  Now what Barbie has neglected to tell us is that apart from the technical skills and the years of experience, she adds one more element to her coffee, a whole lot of her own passion and pleasure in serving us our daily coffees.  What Barbie loves about what she does is serving us.  Not in a subservient way, but like a house guest coming over to visit.  She wants the experience you have in her coffee shop to be as if you were a guest in her place.  It is a pleasure for Barbie to make you that cup.  To me that is the real secret of her amazing coffee.

What Barbie likes about Crows Nest is the friendly, relaxed and respectful people around there.  I was interested in “respectful” as I hadn’t heard that used as yet so I asked what she meant by this.  Barbie described that people treat her and her team like people.  That a lot of time in hospitality you can be seen as a servant not a real person with a name your there just to provide someone with a service.  She likes how people treat her there.  Funny thing is that this makes Barbie want to provide even better services to her guest.

The choice to move from Chatswood to Crows Nest for business was based on the people and the coffee.  Even though Crows Nest and Chatswood are very close (Crows Nest if about 5min drive from Chatswood) they are worlds apart in term of their coffee culture.  Chatswood by contrast is fast, coffee is a quick transaction as you move from train to office or from shopping centre to shopping centre.  Crows Nest is quieter, slower a more relaxed place where coffee is treated as a craft and art form that is respected.  It may take a minute longer but you will be happy for it.

Thank you Barbie from the people of Crows Nest, you are providing art in the cup every day making the start of many days much more enjoyable.

And thank you for your Crows Nest

Cheers Faces


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