Little Teapot Images

Little Teapot Images

I met Alicia at the market in Crows Nest, she had a stall called Little Teapot Images and is a photographer.  Please check out her site she does some beautiful family portraits and is quite the artist.  I have photographed a number of people with small business and it may at times sound like I am giving them a plug, well I am!  These guys are out there as part of the community, employing people in the community, generating income for the community, and really adding to what that community is.  I really want to thank all the small business owners while they may say you have a small business it has a hugely positive impact on the community and you all have big hearts.  If I may continue to digress for just a minute or two longer, I would like to make a few more points.  When times are tough small business do everything they can to weather the storm, keep their staff, provide their goods and or service at a reasonable price.  Contrast that to maybe……. a bank.  They close smaller community branches (often even taking the ATM with them so you have to use another branches ATM at $2 a transaction) they cut staff and off shore it to poorly paid countries and up interest rates to protect fat profits.  All the while laughing all the way to the bank as they pay themselves their big bonuses.  Small business you win my business!

Back to Alicia.  Taking a photo of a photographer is scary for me, I do this as a hobby I am by no means professional.  Its like having a teacher look over your work, you know theirs is better.  She was lovely and we had a great chat.

Alicia has been living on and off in Crows Nest for the past 9yrs and really likes the “sense of community and village feel”.  I think I am getting a theme here with Crows Nest, village and sense of community are qualities that are coming through strong.

If the town square is the heart or Crows Nest then surely Willoughby Rd is the main artery pumping people around this lovely little village.  Willoughby Rd is High Street of Crows Nest, it has the shops, cafes and restaurants, it has a business without being hectic.  It really is an amazing little village and believe me when I say the paths lead you to the square in the middle.

Alicia has noticed some smaller retail business close down over the past few years, mostly the smaller fashion shops.  This could be as a result of Chatswood up the road and its two very large shopping centres.  But in its wake many new restaurants, cafes and wine bars have opened in its place.  Its hard for the small retail outlet to compete with the larger shopping centres but it is nice to see that while some things have closed it has made space for new things to move in and open and the good food, fine wine and coffee culture has really taken off in Crows Nest.  Its a place that is changing and evolving and in that way its still growing.

Alicia sums up Crows Nest very simply “people come her and fall in love and stay”.  I very much like that, and agree.

Thanks for sharing your Crows Nest Alicia


Cheers Faces

p.s. I took this photo of one of the cards Alicia was selling, I think you will like it.



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