How a model sees the world…..and how I should know better

Sydney Festival

This post is part of Human Architecture if you haven’t read that page yet pop over before hand and get a bit of background on this part of the project, it will take all of a minute.

I got this photo at the opening of the Sydney Festival (you will need to jump onto my FB page to see the original photo) and I think she has that real model look about her.  The aviator sunglasses, the fact that you can almost feel the stare bearing down on you through those glasses.  She has a look about her that makes you say to your self “I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy” (yes I have borrowed that from the 90s hit Wayne’s World).

There is something about the model stare, it can make a fully grown man feel like an awkward teenager.  You know the time when all the girls around you were growing, experiencing puberty and you still looked like a gangly thirteen year old deciding just when you should bite the bullet and shave that bum fluff off your top lip.  Boys you have been there.  I think beautiful women can still do that to you.  One look and BAM! Your feel thirteen again.

The model has the ability to look like she is judging you looking about at the far less pretty and glamorous, they walk into any club no ques, never pay for a drink and people fall over them just to get that one step closer, as if maybe that beauty will rub off on you and maybe just maybe she feels like adopting the scruffy puppy dog that you see yourself as.

It is as if the whole world exists within those glasses, she is so much bigger than all the rest.  We are only mortals where she is the beautiful model out of reach of everyone else.

But really that isn’t the truth is it?  Its just an assumption of a world that we are lead to believe.  We don’t know what a person really feels, what their life is like, are they happy or sad.  We judge a person by what we see and based on our beliefs we build a story of that persons life.  If we believe the “beautiful” are unapproachable out of touch super models then we will make them that, regardless of the truth.

In those glasses we see the party going on all around her.  The joy of people dancing and mixing with friends.  We don’t know what is going on behind those glasses.  For all we know there is someone waiting to be asked for a dance, someone waiting nervously for a date or looking for the friends she was hoping to see there feeling awkward standing by herself.  We just don’t know and when we don’t know it becomes too easy to judge based on what we see in front of us.

Note: I have no idea who this person is or what she does.  To me this she take a very pretty picture.  Is she a model, I have no idea and I really want it to be known this story is about a “look” and how looks can be easily judged.  I prefer to believe that like most people, she is a daughter of loving parents and has many lovely friends and is a good friend to them all.

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