Legacy of Volunteering

Jenny's Crows Nest

This day I wondered out to Crows Nest on Market Day.  Every two months Rotary Club of North Sydney organise the Crows Nest Markets.  They are pretty new at this game only being running it for some twenty odd years now!

Before I go into what Jenny has to say about Crows Nest I need to plug Rotary this group an many others like it are absolute back bones of many communities.  Most people belonging to these clubs are older but they do so much for young people (I’m talking from those aged 0 – 40yrs of age).  Just one example, I was in East Timor a few years back and we bumped into a whole bunch of Rotary members (many from the Northern Sydney areas).  They provided us with about $2000 to help one of the project we were involved with, this enabled us to provide water tanks for a community.  This is just one example of what they have done and continue to do.

Jenny has been a volunteer since she was a teenager and has been the past President of Rotary North Sydney twice before!  One thing I notice is that Jenny didn’t want the focus to be on her, she really wanted it to be on the work that Rotary do.  I find that so true with many older people, its just not about them, its about everyone else.  This day Jenny was behind the BBQ cooking up sausages and onion to sell at the markets, this money goes back to Rotary to help them fund their local community projects.

Jenny likes Crows Nest and loves the atmosphere of the markets.  Its a day when the village square becomes the square for the village.  Stall holders come out selling everything from craft to wonder mops.  But there is one part of the market that Jenny has stitched up…..that is the BBQ, you will not find a simpler more enjoyable breakfast on that day, and to add to the feeling of goodwill what other breakfast can you buy that will help support the local community.

Thanks Jenny for sharing your story on Crows Nest.

Cheers Faces


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