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Kirrily Crows Nest

This is Kirrily and her story of Crow Nest.  Firstly its worth noting that in this post you wont find a photo of her and her lovely daughter Georgia (I may put this on my FB site in the next few days).  As I was trying to work out which picture to use I asked my partner what she thought and immediately she said “not the one with the kid”.  This isn’t based on some dislike of kids but rather she said “her focus is on her child all the time lets give her all the focus”.  I really liked that because it’s so true, parents and mums in particular are 100% focused on their children and they often put themselves third fourth and fifth!  So this post the focus is on the lovely Kirrily!

Kirrily was in Crows Nest meeting up with her friend and another mum.  Foot note, this day there were about 30 prams in the square, Crows Nest square is a mum meet up and it creates quite a surreal landscape, maybe a future story!  Kirrily no longer lives in Crows Nest, she now lives further north at Freshwater (this will be a place I will visit, amazing beach).

Kirrily describes Crows Nest as a little village with a strong sense of community.  Its close to shops, to Sydney, has lovely open spaces, heaps of cafes and great coffee, it is a great place where people come to meet e.g. mums groups.  Kirrily describes how the local council do a lot to create this atmosphere the council understand the community the people and the limitations within this small communal space and work hard to create a real vibrant village atmosphere.

Crows Nest doesn’t have the arty, bohemian grungy style of the Inner West, it has a more family and conservative feel to it.  But this isn’t a bad thing because it does this really well.  It welcomes people in with its park in the centre of town surrounded by cafes, restaurants and new small bars.  It caters for the crowed that live there and it does it really well.

While its great for families Kirrily preferences that its great for young families and as her eldest got to school age it was time to move.  What she wanted Crows Nest couldn’t offer, space for kids to go outside on their own and ride their bikes on the street.  She needed space so her kids could go out into a front yard, play on a quite suburban street and run around.  She was at pains to say that she didn’t want to sound negative and I don’t believe she did.  I think what Kirrily wanted was to give her kids the best upbringing she could and for her that meant leaving a place she loved.  She did say that when she moved she had tears in her eyes.

I asked if she would ever consider returning and with that big smile came a yes.  When her kids are older and out of school she would love to return to this place.  Kirrily left Crows Nest in her lat 20s, kids became the focus and it was time to move for them.  And when her and her husband become the main focus again this is a place where she would like to return.  In a way she will return and pick up where she left off in her late 20s.  I think this is a great way to stay forever young.  You take a period of time to be 100% focused and devoted to your kids, yes you still have a life, but it’s different, and when life changes again and the focus returns to you, it’s nice to think there is a place where you can return and become young again, involved in what the community has to offer you and you alone (hopefully with her husband).  I like that.  I don’t think Kirrily will every suffer from empty nest syndrome because there will always be Crows Nest to return to and it’s a busy vibrant village with great food, wine and a perfect place to spend time with friends.

Thanks Kirrily for sharing your Crows Nest,

Cheers L


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