If love is the winner, flowers are the symbol then the florist is the unsung hero

Before your read this post please read Random Acts of Human Architecture it will help explain this new addition chapter to Faces People Live In project.  It will take like a minute, if your still reading this you would have been finished by now…..seriously read it

Its Valentine’s Day 2012 for most people getting up to go to work at 4am after finishing at 10pm the night before would be anyone’s idea of a bad week.  But for the florist it’s the busiest week for their business.  More importantly everyone coming into your shop is buying a symbol of love.  Every order of flowers, every delivery to a home or workplace every pick up during the day is to hand someone a symbol of just how you feel about them.

My first Faces for Crows Nest was Charlie who owns Red Fragrance and she was kind enough to let me back in behind the scenes look at a florist on their busiest day.  By the time I got there at 6am they had already had a good few hours under their belt and each of her team were smiling as if they had a good ten hours sleep, slept in, did yoga and finished off the morning with a big breakfast before casually rolling into work.

Lets be honest I don’t think high stress when I think florist.  Personally I think creative, artistic, nature, tranquility, earthy and emotive, but not stress (by the way all those adjectives work they are all that and more).  Yet the florist deals with people at their most emotionally sensitive moments.  When love goes wrong and you want to say sorry or you have a first date and you want to make an impression, its your wedding day and you want the flowers to enhance the overall beauty of your day or your loved one has died and you want to express such sadness, hurt but also beauty and hope or its Valentines Day.  A florist shares in this journey with you with each design they create.

It takes someone pretty special to create your message in a floral design it’s an amazing talent to do this in quite often what will be only a few minutes of creative artistic genius and then you have it, your message in a bouquet.

Black and white for pictures of flowers, have you gone mad!  No.  For a moment I want to take the flowers out of the picture, but still keep it a florist, so the best way to do this was to make them black and white.  What I want to focus on here is the people working.  They moved within such a small space with speed, intensity, focus and finally and I think this is the key ingredient FUN.  They were able to laugh at each other, they praised each others work and kept up a real positive energy, and it wasn’t even 7am yet.

The florist is working from hand and mouth

As this post says, love is the winner, flowers are they symbol the florist is the unsung hero.  I just want to say a big thanks to Charlie (whom I saw the next day while I was on my lunch break she was moving at the speed of light and still had time to stop, say hi and throw a big smile) and her team that were there for the hour I spent with them, Emma and Amy.

Thanks for letting me share a part of your day

Cheers Faces


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