A story of a Valintine

Before your read this post please read Random Acts of Human Architecture it will help explain this new addition chapter to Faces People Live In project.  It will take like a minute, if your still reading this you would have been finished by now…..seriously read it

Its took under two seconds to get these three photos, bam, bam, bam got them.  There are the smallest of changes between them.  The background, foreground the static environment all stay the the same.  The only change that happens is the change with person in the photo.  How like life is that.  Most things move much slower but in the space of under a second we see people change, move, interact.  So the contrast in this post is that while these photos didn’t have a second apart their story will be told as if they had hours apart, and I will add a Valentine theme to it.  Read on and if you like comment!

We pick up the story with our lovely lady waiting, but what is she waiting for.  While this photo wasn’t taken on Valentine’s Day, it is being posted today so lets run with a romantic story (I am so sorry for all those people out there that have the ability to write romantic stories this will be a disgrace).  She waits patiently on the bench, there is a sense of sadness, as if while this is a prearranged meeting  of bad news.  Its kind of like when you know that the relationship you are in is in trouble but you continue on as if nothing is wrong hoping that if you just stay as you are that the person you love will find you again and love you again.

You look out w0ndering why is your loved one late.  How is it that they can leave you there.  You know this would never have been the case in the early days.  At that time the park was a place you would both go together, with coffee and a paper to share where most of the day would be lost sitting on the grass, sharing the paper loving being there together.  At that moment you wonder if the fact that you are waiting on the bench isn’t a metaphor in itself for how things have changed.  How much you would love to find yourself on the grass with that paper once again.

It is now, though the person you loved hasn’t even arrived, you realise is doesn’t matter.  You are on the bench this Valentine’s Day waiting for someone to come by and tell you its over.  And while you will cry and you will ask them to stay, deep down you know it’s time to say good bye, all that you want with this person is to be the way it was and like any part of history it cant be part of the future and your future will be with someone else.  You will have that time again on the grass, you will have the shared newspapers and coffee’s, the only difference will be that you will not ever be left waiting alone on a park bench.


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