If fowers could smile this is the simle they would have

Charlie's Crows Nest

If flowers could smile they would have a smile like Charlie’s, which is the first thing I noticed when I asked if she would be part of this project, a huge welcoming smile, excitement and infectious energy.

Charlie owns a florist in Crows Nest called Red Fragrance Floral Design.  I asked her what was her journey to becoming a florist and she has had a range of jobs.  She has worked in hospitality, receptionist and marketing but my feeling is that this isn’t a job anymore but a passion and she has found a way to make her passion her work as well.

A little side note, so far quite a few of the people I have photographed are making their passions pay for their lives, they are turning their passion into passionate jobs and many of them are around similar ages, Gen Y and younger Gen X’ers.  As we face global uncertainty brought about by greed, and yes I do think its that simple, the greedier we are the more we want the more people are pushed to believing more is better and we live outside our means.  I wonder if it will be people like Charlie and others who have small business with big hearts that will in the end be what helps turn things around?

Back to Charlie!  I asked why this shop, what made her choose this place?  What she said was “it was dirty, dark, with concrete floors, apple green walls and a violet ceiling” for a moment I thought I was back in Newtown.  But she went on “it was a blank canvas, it was something I could make my own and it needed love”.  And Charlie now has been in this shop for the past 2½ years.  So how does she describe the personality of her shop? Its light, open, organic, textural it’s a place where people come and feel something about what they are going to buy.  A place where people can interact, touch and help create their product.  For Charlie working in the floral industry is privilege “working with nature is amazing, you get to hear the stories behind the flowers” I like that.  Think about it when someone goes to a florist to buy flowers those flowers will have a story.  Maybe its to say sorry, or I love you, maybe its to say goodbye and I will miss you or maybe its just to brighten up the day.  Charlie shares in those stories and her floral arrangements capture that moment and express the feelings of the person buying them.  Giving flowers is like giving emotions.

When we were talking about Crows Nest I asked her what was her thoughts on Crows Nest how would she describe the personality of the place?  Charlie describes Crows Nest as a busy village, it sits in-between two busy roads, so you have to turn off to get their and when you do you will find a warm, friendly, low key but busy little village.  This village has a huger and that is reflected by the amount of cafes in this little village, its always eating and drinking and like having friends over for dinner, when there is good food and good wine their are good times, which is what you will find in Crows Nest.

Charlie your shop is part of Crows Nest but more importantly it’s your personality that comes through that shop that adds to what Crows Nest is.

Thanks for your story of Crows Nest Charlie,

Cheers Faces


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