Pop provides creats of fun for the loved ones

Before your read this post please read Random Acts of Human Architecture it will help explain this new addition chapter to Faces People Live In project.  It will take like a minute, if your still reading this you would have been finished by now…..seriously read it

This post starts a bit of theme, there is a clue to the next few post in this picture, take a guess….

So I was out an about trying to pluck up the courage to ask people for a photo and a story when I saw this gentleman wander past on the other side of the street to me and couldn’t help but grab a snap.

What was he doing and where is he going?  I don’t know but I can make up my own truth, if you like or prefer another truth add it to this blog and make it your own.

Here is a gentleman who has lived a life where he has earned his wisdom.  On one of the few warmer days of Summer he is in his jumper, long pants and hat pushing a trolly full of flowers, plants and plastic toys.  Why is that whatever the temperature older people always seem to wear way too many cloths.  My pop on the hottest of days would sit indoors in long pants and a singlet and then decide he needed to shop.  Would he drive, no, he would put a jumper on an then walk to the shops??? I did like when he would come back and complain that the air conditioner didn’t work that well, sorry pop the air-con was fine, you were cooking yourself with the rugged up walk to the shops.

So here we have another pop doing what pops do best, they provide for everyone around them.  Pops care for not for themselves but for their kids, wife and grand-kiddies, especially the grand-kiddies!  I think it must be the older you get the more important everyone else becomes.  Think about it babies, children, teenages, hell people in their 20s and 30s seem to care more for themselves than others.  Not saying people don’t care for others but when compared to that of a grandparent, the grandparent wins hands down.  Its like at some point in time the world changes and for the elderly it becomes all about you.  Probably why we love our pops and nanas the most!

Pop here has decided to make everyone’s day in one hit.  He has flowers for his lovely wife of many, many years, a plant for his daughter because he knows she struggles to keep them alive herself and toys for the grandchildren because regardless of what he bring home to them the smiles it will put on their faces is all the rewards and gifts pop needs to know deep down that he has lived a meaningful life.

Thanks Pop,

Cheers Faces


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