Newtown People, lets look back at the Faces

Tealightful LaurenBritonD_. NewtownJames NewtownAmanda's NewtownXiluva NewtownLoretta's NewtownSid's NewtowSid's NewtownTom's Newtown

Firstly let me say a big thank you to the ten individuals who allowed me to photograph them and tell a bit about their Newtown story.  It is these and the people I am still yet to meet who make this whole experience a journey, where I get so much out of it.

So what has my experience of Newtown being.  Well out of the ten people I asked for a photo and a story I got ten people happy to indulge me in this and so from that point of view I would say Newtown is friendly and welcoming of new ideas.

There is a real openness about Newtown.  Its true, how you dress, look, the music you listen to your sexual preference, its all accepted at Newtown.  Newtown isn’t a melting pot, where ingredients merge with one and another to become a fusion of flavors, where its hard to name all the individual flavors.  I think Newtown is more like a fruit salad, where anything can go and every individual ingredient is preserved and they work together.  Individuality is celebrated and it complements other individuals.

Newtown wants people to be part of it.  As Tealightful Lauren so eloquently put it Newtown has a transport system that encourages you to come here.  Be that by bus, bike, train and dare I say car (though King St can be a nightmare) Newtown draws people to it.  And when you do arrive you come to the centre where King Street peels off and you have roads like the arteries of the heart, each taking you somewhere new and amazing.

Newtown is a place where you can come and get dirty!  Its a place where the pink hair Mohawk, spandex wearing punk walks side by side with rockabilly jazz burlesque performers.  No one judging each other just accepting and admiring each others differences.

But lets not forget Newtown wasn’t always like this.  Newtown had a past and as James reminded us that Newtown was once a place where people left doors open for locals to pop by for a cuppa and a chat.  Newtown is open and accepting of people’s difference but runs the risk of these groups closing themselves off to others, clicks form and people become excluded.  And rather than being a fruit salad , it becomes separate meals on separate plates.  As the popularity of Newtown continues to grow the artist the muso the poet the student are pushed out by higher rents.  While this allows the Newtown culture to be seeded elsewhere, it does risk loosing what makes Newtown special.

For my two cents worth, Newtown is special because of the Faces that live, work and visit there.

Thanks Newtown for your stories,

Cheers Faces


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