Tealightful Lauren

Tealightful Lauren

Lauren was sitting outside her stall selling homemade scented candles in beautiful teacups and old school wine glasses.  Her enterprise is know as Tealightful and it’s her first time selling at the Newtown markets.

A beauty of these markets, as Lauren tells me, is that they don’t charge you for your stall, it is the freedom that anyone can come by and set up their stall which makes this market very unique, its a true flea market.

Lauren lives in the heart of Newtown, right on King St above a shop with an eave where she can climb out of her window and sit on and enjoy the fine art of people watching.   This is part of what makes Newtown the place it is.  Where else do people live above shops open the front window and sit on the eave and watch Newtown pass by, all the time adding to what Newtown is?

The eve allows Lauren to part take in one of her favorite, free of charge Newtown activities, people watching.  Newtown offers a lot in people watching, you could almost say that Newtown is one of the places that provides the gold standard of people watching.  Like what this blog has discovered Newtown is its people and its people are diverse.

What is people watching if you cant give a few regulars names.  One such man is Elvis Man, who drives around on his scooter with a little Elvis on the front, music playing just cutting laps all day, it is these characters that makes Newtown what it is, eclectic and accepting of all.

Lauren’s Newtown is busy, some place you can always go for a drink or food or just to buy milk, regardless of time of day or day of week, its a 24/7 town and like a strong heart, even when we sleep, it still beats to the sound of its own drum.

What Newtown isn’t is pretentious; there isn’t a particular class of people but rather an acceptance of all classes of people.  From homeless to loaded, you can belong here (as long as your not pretentious).  So as longs as you can accept those around you, Newtown will accept you.

Lauren described Newtown as inviting and described this by the ease of which you can get to Newtown.  You have bike paths, trains and buses that bring people right into the centre of Newtown.  Lauren contrasted this to parts of Eastern Suburbs and Northern Beaches where accessing these areas if of great difficulty, as if the challenge to arrive at such destination in part makes you feel less welcome. I really liked how Lauren described the openness of Newtown by its ease of access, I haven’t heard a description like this before.  It is as if there are a number of currents and if you catch anyone of them they will carry you easily to Newtown.

Lauren is a design student and is inspired by Newtown, from the street art to the buskers to the op shops and vintage furniture, it’s a place to draw creativity from a place that feeds into ones own creativity.

The downside for Lauren is that on occasions there are buskers outside her window and a few know little more than a song or two, and after hearing the same song hour upon hour can test anyone’s acceptance.

Thanks Lauren for your Newtown,

Cheers Faces


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