Second Brit in the one day


What i really enjoy about this project is the honesty.  You ask for a photo, its yes or no.  You ask for an opinion on the community and you get it in spades!

This is Lami and she too is from England, this day I also photographed another Brit who you might remember D_. (check out her story if you haven’t yet).  Another thing about Newtown, so far I have spoken to three people with the most amazing and beautiful quirky names.  Love it!

Lami had been in Newtown for all of about a week and was couch surfing with friends as she explored this lovely country of ours.  I caught sight of Lami first on her way to the shops but I didn’t get a chance to ask for a photo and I was pretty pissed about that, but as fate would have it she walked back about ten minutes later and I wasn’t going to let the opportunity escape me.

Side note, its not easy asking for a photo and a story from a stranger.  I find my imagination goes into overdrive, what will they think, what if they hate me blah blah blah.  Really its a choice, Risk or Reward.  Risk is pretty low, at worst, sorry not thanks mate.  At best, you get a great story and photo.  So that’s how I pluck my courage, I just say to myself Risk or Reward.

Back to Lami.  I asked Lami what has she enjoyed about Newtown and straight away she said the Courthouse (this is a bloody brilliant pub, best beer garden in Sydney mark my words!)  Not unusual for a pom to mention a pub as a highlight.

As we chatted I asked her what her impressions of Newtown are.  I got a cheeky grin and I quote “its a bit grimy and dirty, but that’s cool because from time to time I like to get dirty”.  Ok, cool yeah, I dig that, now I realise I end up sounding like a GIT.  Refocus Coops, I then ask what’s it like contrasted to London (I think I am a bit cool using the word contrast while taking a picture and then I realise that no one but me thinks I’m even a bit cool).  Lami likes the people she has met in Newtown, in London everyone is very “la-de-dah” where Newtown has an edgy coolness about it.  People have funk! Its where you can come and slum it for a while, in a good way.

I asked if this is the place she would like to live if she moved to Australia, without a word of a lie and within a second she said “no Bondi for the beach”.  Who would have guessed someone from England would want to live in Bondi, by the beach……

Thank Lami for your Newtown,

Cheers Faces!


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