Balaclavar that achieved so much more

Before your read this post please read Random Acts of Human Architecture it will help explain this new addition chapter to Faces People Live In project.  It will take like a minute, if your still reading this you would have been finished by now…..seriously read it

Now for the story….back story first though

So I came across this picture and what I mean by that is like all the pictures I take the photo is already there just waiting for me to take it.  I came across this when I was walking the streets of Newtown for the first part of the Faces Project.  I was about to sit down on this and got the fright of my life when I saw the face looking up at me.  At one point I thought this must be a street art project, but no its just a random balaclava.

Story Time

This is the most successful balaclava that ever was.  Think about the balaclava, it is used to hide someones identity, but it is by no means a very good disguise.  I mean has anyone ever seen someone wearing a balaclava outside robbing a bank or mugging someone.  They are the most obvious and lazy, not to mention itchy disguises going around.  Sure no one can see your face but when your on the run its pretty obvious to all around you who the bad guy is.  What does he look like “I don’t know, but if you chase the only person running wearing a black woolen balaclava its a pretty safe bet he will be the one your after”.  And that is the problem with the humble balaclava it doesn’t allow you to blend in to the crowd. The best disguise is the one where no one can tell you from the next person.  And if your thinking what if they are in cold climate, well I have been to the snow and have seen every sort of head wear there is to have and not once did I spot the balaclava, more chance seeing Bigfoot that this fashion accessory.

But here is the GOLD, this balaclava has achieved the impossible, it has excelled where all others have failed, it managed to blend into is surrounding.  It managed to be right where it should be to achieve near invisibility.  For I did not notice it until I was upon it, I did have to look a few times to confirm what I was looking at, I then actually did look around to see if I could find a plaque to describe  what I thought could only be a fashionable piece of Contemporary Newtown Street Art.  But I was wrong it was just the randomness of life that this balaclava  found it way upon the red bricks, with leaves in its eyes as if they were irises gazing up at you, a slight redness around the lips, like faded lipstick after a long days work.  A look that is not menacing or mean, but one of tiredness.  This balaclava has managed to tell its own story, a story of greatness above all other balaclava’s

Thanks balaclava,

Cheers Faces!



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