England calling Newtown

D_. Newtown

D_. with a most interesting and enjoyable way of spelling her name isn’t a Newtown local, not event a Sydney or Australian local but from London, East Hackney, of which she points our is the home of Jack the Ripper and the Kray Twins, both a claim to fame and a source of local pride.

Meeting people in Newtown who are not familiar with Newtown allows me to find out what their impressions are, the impressions of someone with no expectations, previous experiences or prejudices, I get to see Newtown through naked eyes.  D_. coming from a place with such a big population compared to Sydney is refreshing, I think sometimes we get caught up in being the biggest city of Australia and forget that while our continent is large our population is small in comparison to much of the  of the world.  So someone looking at Newtown with such big eyes, gives me and hopefully you a different perspective of Newtown.

D_. has been in Oz for about two months and has had a great journey around our country.  D_. has traveled to a number of states but one journey struck me as most interesting.  Her mother and uncle who both live here traveled up from Adelaide to Sydney by car over 4 days.  They went off the beaten track to find places to camp, set up tents an swags and dined under the stars.   Not bad from someone who’s mother is in her 70s and uncle late 60s! What a wonderful way to remain young at heart and spirit.

When I met D_. she was looking through the flea market on King Street (one of my favourite places to spot and meet people) and trying her best not to fill her already over full suitcase with the amazing clothing on hand.  The way she described Newtown was to contrast it to London.  Newtown isn’t as full on, intense or in your face as London is.  London is huge never stops or rest and it’s just so big.  Now it would be easy to say that Newtown doesn’t have what London has and isn’t as good, but D_. was very clear that this isn’t the case and those qualities of London compared to Newtown are not always better.  In D_.s mind big isn’t always better and that the scale of Newtown allows it to be Newtown, feels like Newtown and not merge into some big city to be swallowed up and consumed by a giant metropolis.   D_. liked how Newtown moved at its own pace to the beat of its own drum and to be more casual, it allowed you to enjoy being here without it being in your face.

D_. likes Newtown and may make it her home is she finds her way back to Oz at some stage and what a contribution I am sure D_. would make to Newtown.

Thanks D_. for your story of Newtown

Cheers Faces


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